ConverSolo is an AI-powered learning software that teaches the users pronunciation within an oral exchange, one of the key factors in successful language acquisition. This powerful web-based software is largely unknown to the market, and is in the process of being scaled up to address the needs of consumers and a broad range of industries. This will include the development of a new consumer-market website, expanded BB model, and breakthrough mobile app to teach languages and provide online training.

Founder, Nicholas Walker, M.A. Applied Linguistics, is CEO/President of ConverSolo Inc., publisher of Virtual Writing Tutor,, and the Actively Engaged Series. Nicholas also teaches English at the largest French college in Montreal and is a 5-time award winning instructional designer:

• Canadian Sesquicentennial Pin recipient for leadership in Education 
• TESL Canada Innovation Award
• SPEAQ Award for outstanding contributions to ESL
• AQPC Mention d’Honneur for teaching excellence
• Institutional Recognition in Computer Assisted Learning

History of ConverSolo

ConverSolo Inc. has been in business for thirteen years and currently provides consumers, companies, students and teachers with on-line language learning and training software powered by AI-modules. This service is presently offered through two websites: and The company also publishes and markets on-line textbooks for student and teachers.
Corporate training and Consumer-market website and mobile app focused on automated scoring and feedback on writing, vocabulary, with oral interaction and pronunciation assessments, with APIs for developers. / 
Education-market website for English second language students with a range of automated scoring/feedback on pronunciation, writing, and oral interaction /
Education-market website for French second language students with a range of automated scoring/feedback on pronunciation, writing, and oral interaction.

Actively Engaged Series 
Textbook series for the education market in print and digital access.

Mobile App (in development)
Consumer-market website and mobile app with dynamically generated lessons, virtual conversation partners and pronunciation coaches, automated scoring, and social media tools.