ConverSolo to Provide AI Language Learning Tools to Quebec Colleges

Montreal – February 21, 2024, Artificial Intelligence is making its way into North American institutions of higher learning.

ConverSolo Inc., the AI language learning software company, reports that it has been contracted by Montmorency College, Vanier College, and the University of Sherbrooke, all Quebec-based institutions, to develop AI-powered learning materials through its Bokomaru Publications business division.

At Montmorency College, ConverSolo Inc. will provide Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI) links to conversational robots which will integrate with the college’s Moodle website. ConverSolo is to supply 10 LTI modules that will automatically generate a score and video-feedback to students on their performance on communication tasks related to insurance and finance.

The AI-powered solution will provide students with interactive oral practice using their webcams and intelligent video-feedback on interactions with simulated clients.  

To ensure students meet the performance standards, students will practice with listen-and-repeat exercises before receiving feedback on the comprehensibility of industry keywords, overall sentence comprehensibility, phoneme accuracy, and rate of speech.  

The contract is believed to be among the first of its kind in the North American educational milieu. “Montmorency chose us to develop the AI-powered training materials after an exhaustive search for a supplier. We were the only company that was able to offer the kind of intelligent oral tutoring system that they were seeking,” said ConverSolo and Bokomaru CEO, Nicholas Walker. 

ConverSolo has been engaged by Vanier College in a pilot project to develop custom AI-powered writing and speaking tutoring systems for students learning their second language. 

Similarly, the University of Sherbrooke has tasked ConverSolo to create language training activities on Labodanglais.com to prepare students for teacher certification on a province-wide English proficiency test. Using a blend of artificial intelligence to score complex writing tasks and more traditional language training activities online, ConverSolo is able to support learners develop complex skills quickly and asynchronously.

Bokomaru Publications, a business division of ConverSolo Inc., was founded in 2010. It specializes in offering automated evaluation and AI-powered intelligent tutoring systems like VirtualWritingTutor.com and Labodanglais.com

In addition to being CEO of ConverSolo Inc., Nicholas Walker is a professor at Collège Ahuntsic in Montreal. Nicholas Walker has an M.A. in Applied Linguistics. He is a five-time award-winning instructional designer. He has been awarded the Canadian Sesquicentennial Pin for leadership in Education, the TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) Canada Innovation Award, the SPEAQ Award for outstanding contributions to ESL, the AQPC Mention dHonneur for teaching excellence and, the Institutional Recognition for Computer Assisted Learning

ConverSolo, through its various websites, currently has 75,000 memberships (free and paid), 100,000 users per month, and 1 million visitors per year. His software can also score essays, stories, cover letters, emails and literary critiques with 340 unique automated writing evaluations.

About ConverSolo:

ConverSolo Inc. is a private, Montreal-based company that has developed an AI-powered learning software that teaches users pronunciation within an oral exchange, one of the key factors in successful language acquisition. This powerful web-based software is in the process of being scaled up to address the needs of consumers and a broad range of industries that will include the development of a consumer-market website and mobile app. ConverSolo currently provides consumers, students and teachers with on-line language learning software powered by AI-modules, offered through VirtualWitingTutor.com and Labodanglais.com, LabodeFrancais.com. The company also publishes and markets print-based and on-line textbooks for students and teachers.

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